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Interview with First Order Historians

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you want a little more insight into the workings of my brain, here is a fun interview I did with Ryan Meehan of Below is an excerpt:

RM: What’s the most crucial aspect of nailing down a great impression? Does it depend on the figure that you are trying to impersonate?

PK: Yeah, it does depend, but I usually start with how they hold their face. If there’s something strange they do with their lips or jaw, doing that will get you a long way towards having the impression. Also, not to get too technical, people from different cultures speak from different parts of their mouths. French people speak from the front, Scottish from the back, American and German from the middle. Getting that helps a lot too.

Thanks, Ryan! It was fun!

Mad TV Cast Reunion

Mad TV Cast at Comikaze ExpoBack row: Michael McDonald, Pat Kilbane, Greg O’Connor (Mad TV composer) and Will Sasso  Middle Row: Mo Collins, Nicole Sullivan, Alex Borstein, Srephanie Weir and Andrew Bowen  Front Row: Debra Wilson and Phil Lamarr

Some fellow Mad TV alums and I gathered on November 1st to do a reunion panel at the Comikaze Expo in downtown Los Angeles.  It was an amazing feeling to be around all of those funny people again, and I’m grateful to organizer Holly Payne for making it happen.  Not pictured is castmate Craig Anton who was also there – he moderated the panel.

If you look at the *ahem* vintage cast photo below, you’ll see that we had almost the entire Season 4 cast present at the Expo.

Mad TV Season 4 Cast

Post-Mad TV Demo Reel

One of my reps asked me to put together a reel of film and television work I did after my Mad TV years, so here it is – a couple of minutes of highlights.  You’ll notice the recurring mustache on all of these characters… I don’t know why mustache work dominated my resumé for that period of time.  I guess that, when combined with my height, a mustache makes me a good comedic nemesis or authority figure.  Enjoy!

Celebrity Conspiracy Club

My wife Melissa McQueen and I created a new series for our YouTube channel “Dorks of Yore” that comes from our love of conspiracy theories.  What would happen if Tim Gunn, Gary Busey, Howard Stern and Sarah Silverman went out in the woods looking for Bigfoot?  It’ll only take you eighty seconds to find out…

7/1/14 ***Please note that this video was created and posted before Maya Angelou’s passing.

Goodbye Dr. Larry Lewis

Dr Larry Lewis

Dr. Larry Lewis, our good friend and colleague, passed away at the end of January this year.  I first knew Dr. Lewis as my therapist as he helped me navigate the turmoil of television and film work in the early 2000s.  More recently, Melissa McQueen (my wife) and I shot the web series Hero Therapy with him.  Dr. Lewis had such a presence of humor, wisdom and understanding.  He’ll be sorely missed.

Aliens: The Sitcom

Hosts is  a  parody of the Alien franchise and a satire of showbusiness in general.  We originally did it as part of a pilot for, but they allowed us to air it on our YouTube channel Dorks of Yore.  It was a long, tough day of shooting, with us four actors contorted behind the walls and heads sticking out above our false bodies.  I’m putting together a behind-the-scenes video of it now.

We had a mini-viral event with its release in October, and got coverage from Huffington Post and The Hollywood Reporter, along with a number of respected science-fiction sites.  Here’s my favorite review.

1920s Breakdancing Pioneer

This was one of my favorite sketches from 2003’s The Pat Kilbane Show.  It’s a dry, English style of comedy in the form of faux documentary – silly, but in some ways believable.  I shot the dancing sequences in my living room while my house was being torn up for remodel.  In retrospect, I can see how this wasn’t right for the Comedy Central audience; it’s just too subtle.  I love it, though.

Superhero Fashion Designer

Emile Castelle: Superhero Fashion Designer was part of The Pat Kilbane Show pilot of early 2003.  It’s a mash-up of comic book culture and the old show Fashion File from the Style Network.  I did the voice of the announcer in addition to playing Emile.  Rodney Munoz, our costumer, really had his hands full having to create so many outfits on such a tiny budget, but he did a great job.  It doesn’t surprise me that he went on to win an Emmy.  Looking back, the sketch seems to be ahead of its time, coming out years before Project Runway, Who Wants to Be a Superhero? and even The Incredibles, which had superhero fashion character of its own.

As Bagger Lance on “My Name Is Earl”

The Bagging Showdown

Behind the Scenes

In the Spring of 2008 my agent told me that My Name Is Earl was doing a Karate Kid homage and was casting the character of a world champion grocery bagger – a Billy Zabka type bad guy.  I had always loved Earl‘s quirky world, and the idea of playing a nasty, arrogant grocery bagger sounded like too much fun.  Billy Zabka actually showed up at the audition, which made me think my chances of getting the role were slim.  If anyone was a Billy Zabka type, it would probably be Billy Zabka.  He’s a great guy, by the way.  We shot the shit for about twenty minutes while we were waiting to go in and read.

My read went well.  I improvised some lines that I thought were consistent with the character, and Greg Garcia, Earl‘s executive producer, seemed to like my audition.  My agent called me later that day to tell me they were trying to decide whether to cast me or a professional juggler.  I said, “Tell them I can juggle,” and immediately got to work on my grocery juggling skills.  When they finally gave me the role, I practiced diligently, developing some cool bagging moves, most of which didn’t end up in the final cut.  I could grab the corner of a cereal box and flip it 360 degerees with one hand into the bag.  I could take a can of tuna in each hand, and keeping my hands at my hips, make the cans switch hands in the blink of an eye.

It was a fun shoot day.  A nice, laid back set full of people who knew what they were doing, and they all made me feel welcome.  In the clip below, you’ll notice a young Rico Rodriguez making a one-line appearance.  That little trooper is now making more in a week working on Modern Family than most grown men earn in a year.  Ahhh, show business.

Bagger Lance Intro

Mad TV Demo Reel

This demo was my calling card for my post-Mad TV years in the early 2000’s.  The music and impressions are definitely “of the time,” but I’m still proud of it as a synopsis of my contribution to the show.

Behind the Scenes

When we wrapped Season Five of Mad TV in the spring of 2000, I knew that my contract was up and that coming back would not be a sure thing for me.  In fact, Fox was still deliberating at that point whether the show would even be returning for another year.  I got a part in a pilot that spring – the role of a spaceship 1st officer in an ill-fated Star Trek parody – but I knew I needed more momentum.

Then I saw an episode of MTV’s Biorhythm that covered the career of Jim Carrey.  The cutting style was manic and made Jim look like an absolute lunatic in the best possible way.  I immediately started getting my Mad TV material together to cut a demo reel that did the same thing for me.  Rich LaBrie, a great guy and talented Mad TV editor, worked with me on putting together the cut at a facility-for-hire in Burbank.

The weeks of hard work paid off; the reel ended up in the hands of Jeffrey Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg, and later that year I was signed to a massive two-year holding deal at Dreamworks SKG.  I appeared in Evolution and Spin City during that time and worked on numerous film and television concepts for them.  Creatively it was a very exciting.

The lesson of this demo reel was poignant for me: when a vision for something seizes you, see it through and interesting things will follow.