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Archive - October 2011

Movie Meltdown Interview

Pat with Movie Meltdown Crew

While at Scarefest last month (the largest horror and paranormal convention in the U.S.), I was invited by Bryan Renfro to do an interview on his weekly podcast Movie Meltdown.  This one was a real treat for me since, in addition to talking about my career and upcoming projects, we discussed the movie Aliens at length in a segment Bryan calls “Sofa Theater Feature.” Aliens is my favorite movie of all time, so getting to explore it with another aficionado was a perfect capper to my Scarefest experience.

Lance Henriksen is also interviewed in this episode; his segment begins about 32 minutes in and mine at about 64 minutes.  I love how much attention Bryan gave to the movie sound bites and cool intro music hand-picked for the subject matter.  Hard work and attention to detail are never lost on me.  Check it all out here.