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Marvel Gives Gallagher Last Laugh

Gallagher and Deadpool

As a comedian, I had to appreciate seeing this image of Deadpool in May’s Marvel Previews. Comic Leo Gallagher was widely known for his watermelon-smashing stage show back when I was climbing the stand-up ranks in the ’90s, but he was also something of a whipping boy. Though he was selling out huge theaters at the time, comedy purists rolled their eyes at his corny jokes and prop-heavy repertoire. Many snide remarks were made at his expense, but Gallagher achieved something that few entertainers ever have: the status of an icon. He made himself so familiar that his image is a shorthand cultural reference, and this Deadpool comic is proof of that a full twenty years after Gallagher’s rising star peaked. Is there a cooler way to be honored than to have your schtick memorialized in a Marvel comic book?