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Battle: Los Angeles

Battle Los Angeles

If Blackhawk Down with aliens is a mash-up you’d like to see, then get your tickets now for Battle: Los Angeles.  Too often, studios try to make a popcorn, sci-fi actioner, only to blow it completely in spite of a giant effects budget (Skyline managed to piss off even easy-to-please genre fans).  But Battle: LA knows its wheelhouse and goes all out to deliver in that arena.  Shaky-cam firefights with extra-terrestrials on a convincing, battle-torn streetscape is money in my book, and I got all I could handle.  Aaron Eckhart does a nice job of anchoring the cast with his role as a square-jawed, veteran Staff Sergeant.  His chops as an actor come in handy when he sells a few pretty corny lines with believable sincerity.  And the aliens are pretty solid, too, though their design is often obscured by the “fog of war” fast action and smoky terrain.  The first act of the movie is a little perfunctory and ham-handed with its character exposition, but sit tight, because what follows definitely doesn’t suck.