Pat Kilbane

Archive - November 2010


With a Zombie at NACA West

Serious and Professorial with My Zombie Bust

My book, The Brain Eater’s Bible, is also a stage show – a scientific PowerPoint presentation on the dangers posed by a zombie pandemic.  I give the talk at colleges and science-fiction conventions, and had a great time at the NACA West conference this weekend, meeting with students to warn them about the PACE virus apocalypse.  For those of you who are beginning writer/creators, I would highly recommend this kind of direct interaction with potential readers, especially those outside of your own social circle.  You’ll get invaluable face-to-face insight into how your work will resonate with fans.

In Bloody Lab Coat with Buddhist Monk

As long as I was in my bloody lab coat, I had to get a picture with the peace-loving monk.