Pat Kilbane


Pat in the Fox comedy pilot "Star Patrol"

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  • Back around 1987 or 1988, I saw a young standup comedian from Centerville at Wileys comedy club when it was at Patterson and Wilmington Pike. If memory serves me correctly, it was his very first gig at an open mike night (my friend Scott Huff was also performing on that night, with Dow Thomas in attendance). I don’t recall many details of the show, only that the guy was entirely hilarious….the one bit I do recall involved his immitation of someone doing bong hits….the water gurgling sounds being hilarious.

    Was that comedian you by chance?

    • Hey Matt! No I never performed at the old Wiley’s on Patterson (though I performed at the Oregon District club many times). I didn’t start comedy until the summer of 1989. I have a lot of great memories of Dow… it seems like you do too.

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