Pat Kilbane

Brain Eater’s Bible

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brain eaters bible cover“What the hell is wrong with me!?” That’s what you’re thinking, isn’t it? You woke up in a drainage ditch covered with skin ulcerations and nasty flesh wounds. Your memory is foggy and your body is numb. Someone tried to give you medical attention, but you repaid their kindness by savagely killing them and eating their brain.

“Did I just do that?” Yes, you did. You did it because you must. You are a zombie, my friend, just like me. Though most zombies are slow and stupid, the fact that you are reading this tells me that you are different. Some of us are. Welcome to the PACE virus apocalypse.

“What now?” Stick with me; I’ve been through it. I will show you what you have become. I will teach you how to hunt and kill. You will wear your tattered flesh like a uniform in the war against the uninfected.

The Brain Eater’s Bible is a field manual and manifesto for the reanimated dead. The hardcover book is filled with over 200 photos, diagrams and anatomical drawings.


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